Friday, March 30, 2012

Boy Bunny Basket

Ok, bloggers heres the funny story about the boy bunny.  I made three totes all different with these cute bunnies on the front for my two sisters and neice for Easter.  My neice has been trying to get info. from me on what I am making for them but I wouldn't tell her.  I did however show her a picture of the one I made for her mom.  Here's the funny part, her boyfriend has been asking her what I am making for them and why I was asking what their favorite colors were.  He also asked if he was gonna get one too.  He's a big kid and didn't want to be left out, Sooooo.  This one is for Cubby!  I did use grey (his favorite color) and dressed the bunny up with some blues, plaid shirt and a baseball cap on top.  So what do you think??

1 comment :

Lydia said...

Cubby will LOVE his bunny!!!
The bunnies just make me smile : )