Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Project of Mine!?!?!

Good afternoon bloggers!  Today I don't have a project for you to look at, but just checking in to let you know of the big project that I am working on in my house.  Drum role please, younger son and I are switching rooms.  You say, how is that exciting news?!?  Well my room is long and narrow, so one half was my creation craft room and the other part I had to share with my parents as a spair bedroom.  Well I feel bad, cause my younger son has always had the smallest room in house and the older son gets the larger bedroom.  So we are switching, what that means for me is this, he gets the large room to himself, I take over his bedroom (which is much bigger than what I have now) and well, Mom and Dad, sorry you get to either sleep on couch when you come over or sleep in the boys beds and they can camp out.  We found that having the spair bed was a waist of space, cause they don't come over and spend the night as much as they used to when we first moved away. I will try and post pictures of the move.  Right now everything in my room is coming down so that I can paint over the purple walls.  Andrew for some reason does not think purple walls is cool in a boys room!! 

                                                            THE FUTURE CRAFT ROOM!!!
My goal:
1)  today---take down everything off walls and move out furniture today, so that I can paint tomorrow and goes buy the paint at Lowes this afternoon after kids leave.
2)  tomorrow---paint
3)  friday and saturday start switching all the stuff and get extra bed taken down.
(oh yea, 2-4pm on Sat., have our cub scout splash down event and rush back to finish up switch, wish me luck!!

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Linda Fisher said...

I admire your energy! Your plan sounds like a winner to me, I'm anxious to see the finished product. *smiles*