Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ohhhoooo...Auhhhhh My Finished Room Swap!!!

 Its girls, the day has finally come to say my room swap project is done!! (well for the most part.  I can at least walk inside and make a card if I want.  There is still somethings to hang back on my sons walls and mine, but pretty much done.  What do you think?!?!  I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.  This pic above is my sons room now,  this is the sleeping area and on the other side of his bed, will be his desk when we get it!)
 This is the other side of room (it measures 20'-8" by 10").  This is his play area side.  Now I think he still wants to save his money for a bigger TV, now that he has the room!  Go for it Andrew!
 Now for the best room in the house!!  Drum roll please.......my craft room.  I want to place on the wall right above these white cabinets "Ink-a-doodle creations" with my black vinal and spread some colored flowers around it, like what is in the front of the New catalog from SU!  I think it will be awesome!!
 This cabinet holds my stamp sets.  I went through all of the old wooden sets and converted them over to clear mount (it gives me so much room for more sets of course!!)  The paper rack holds my In-Colors only in cardstock.  On top, sits things that I have made or someone has given me.
 As you can see, I love 4 things:  stamping stuff of course, barbies, eeyore and old antique childrens toys.  This cabinet holds all of my finished and in progress scrapbooks.
 This is my cabinet that holds my cricut and my old antique school desk.
 I have so many barbies that when we moved to this house, I had to sell alot.  I kept my favorite ones and have them on display across the top of this wall.  I do some special procealine barbies and they are protected in a glass cabinet downstairs.  This is my work station.  My uncle made me these ink holders.  They are awesome, they hold the ink pad, pen and refill bottle.  I am very organized and everything is in its place.
 More barbies and my area where I sit.  I say that because right above me is my slat board and it holds all of the items I use all the time, such as:  adhesive, clear blocks, ribbons and such.
This is the last stop.  This is not quite finished because my hubby still needs to hang up 2-3 more racks for my punches.  This is also my cardstock area.  I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my new craft room.  I know I am so happy to be in my own room, just like back in Luray!  Home Sweet Home!


Linda Fisher said...

OMGosh!! Wonderful, I need some of your organization!! I see so much that I envy you for, especially all the room you have! Enjoy, you deserve it!!

Brenda Riley said...

Cynitha, this room is awesome! I also have just moved and now have m very own craft room ! Im so excited. I am having trouble finding a system that works for me thow and yours look amazing. Would you be willing to share where you got some of your items like the card stock station, the slat thing that your tape and ribbon is on, and the rails your punches are on. And if your uncle would like to make and sell or sell the plans for the ink holder all of the girls in my stampin up group would buy it lol. Thank you for the great ideas. Brenda

Cynthia said...

Brenda, sure I would. It might be easier to answer your questions through email. Send me an email or give me yours and I will be glad to share details of my room.