Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Cookie Boxes

 I wanted to do something small, but nice for my husband to give to his employees at his work.  I also had made mac and cheese the other night and was about to throw away the cardboard box (you know the ones-the bottom of the veleveta cheese boxes) when I got the thought to keep it and make a template for future boxes.  I then thought it would be ther perfect thing to put the cookies inside of for my husbands employees.  If your like me, you don't throw away any cardboard sheets!  I cut out 7 more boxes and made slide on lids for each.  I kept them simple and decorated each like Santa's coat.
 Each box holds 6 perfect sized cookies.  (I made choc. chip of course!)  The black belt slides on and off to help hold the lid on.
A closer look at the punches I used.  3/4" strip of black for the belt. #2 3/4" circles for buttons and label punch for the buckle.

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Heather O'Grady said...

Adorable! They are sure to like these! Nice job Cynthia!