Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Undefined!!! Life as a Runner

Ok, Ok, your gonna laugh when I tell ya this, but I swear its the truth!  Last year when I attend the 2013 Stampin' Up! Convention, if I remember correctly we all received a new Undefined kit.  Well, this little kit of mine has been sitting on the shelf just waiting for me to carve it.  I didn't want to just carve any old thing and waste this perfectly good kit.  So I took my time thinking about what I wanted to do....YES...almost a year later, I have finally come up with the perfect set that fit me.......

May I introduce you to the "Life of a Runner" stamp set!!

So by the third phrase stamp I was working on, it became pretty easy and I wasn't so worried anymore about messing up.  The kit is pretty awesome.  It comes with one sheet of uncarved rubber, one sticky foam sheet for mounting to the wood blocks, an assortment of wooden blocks and two carving tools.  Now to create a different set or image, all I need to purchase is the refill rubber sheets or the refill kit.  All the info. on what you need can be found at the end of this post so don't run off yet!

So even at the end of all my carving I still had this much left over to carve something else.  Now as you can tell, I messed up on my first phrase...hint, look in my rubber trash pile!  Those little letters are tricky to cut out!

In MDS I typed up the phrases/words in the font size print and size I wanted and printed them out.  Cut each out and traced the letters with a pencil.  The little runner girl is an image I found on Pinterest.  Just this past Sunday, I went a got a tattoo.....I wonder what I got?!?

I didn't have all the right sized wooden blocks in the kit I needed, but that didn't stop me from creating and carving what I wanted.  NO..I used my clear block cling foam sheets for mounting and converting to clear blocks.

After all my hard work and patience...it payed off and I am done!  My stamp set includes the following:  Half Marathon, 13.1, 5K, Run like a..., DIVA, BAMR (if you are a runner you may know what this stands for if you have read the Book, Run Like A Mother., I Run For BANANA'S and the cute little runner girl.
My inspiration for this stamp set, and the fact that I love Banana's!!!
All these supplies can be purchased HERE!
*  Clear-Mount Cling Foam Sheets, $10.95, #124236

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